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FreshTeam is location sharing, conference calls, and chat for teams. Available for iOS and Android.

Harnessing the sensors in your smartphone with its own algorithmic secret-sauce, the app is capable of detecting your presence

Total team awareness

See where colleagues are and whether they're on foot, traveling in cars, on a train, and more. This information is communicated automatically using sensors on their smartphone.

It also includes a built-in voice and video chat system that can handle up to 100 participants

Easy conference calls

Contact team members 1:1 or in groups for HD calls. No conference dial-ins and pins.

An easy yet effective way to keep in touch with your teammates on the road

Business-grade chat

Lightning fast chat with walkie-talkie style voice messaging and unlimited file sharing.

Naturally, all of this info can be shut off when you’re not at work

Complete privacy controls

FreshTeam has simple controls over what location and presence details you share and with whom. It’s easy to pause location sharing and use presets, such as communicating location only during work hours.

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Made with care in NYC

We are headquartered in NYC—right in the heart of Manhattan. Our team has worked on business communications tools for the last decade, pioneering the concept of email in the cloud. Now, we are building the fastest way for mobile teams to work together.

Say hello at hello@fresh.team, or check us out on Twitter and Facebook.